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The benefits of a Latex Mattress

Gone are the days of sleeping on old, uncomfortable metal springs night after night. Today’s mattresses are now more comfortable than ever before, offering countless materials and styles designed to guarantee a great night’s sleep.
While many mattress shoppers gravitate toward synthetic memory foam or traditional springs, there’s another option on the market that has lots of advantages to offer: latex. A newer player in the broader market mattress game, latex mattresses aren’t quite as common as the alternatives, but they have plenty of pros to provide for those looking for a better night’s sleep. These are the top benefits of latex that shoppers can expect when buying a new mattress.

Extremely Comfortable

Latex mattresses are among the most comfortable options on the market, providing a great way to sleep well. Because latex is a very stretchy material, it can provide support while still hugging the body in a way most materials can’t. This cushioning capability provides the rigidity of springs with the customisable feel of memory foam, offering a perfect solution for optimal comfort. Latex is a good choice for those who prefer a firm mattress as well as for sleepers who like a softer surface. In short? There are few kinds of sleepers who won’t benefit from a latex mattress.

Highly Supportive

The supportiveness of a mattress is among the key qualities necessary for overall health and wellness. A bad mattress can cause serious aches and pains, including lasting back pain, neck and shoulder problems, and even headaches.

Latex mattresses are very supportive, providing a level of firmness that can properly support the spine and physical alignment. This can prevent the kinds of injuries that come from an improper mattress, offering a more comfortable sleeping experience and alleviating potentially debilitating levels of pain.

Natural Resistance to Mites and Allergens

No one wants to think about mold, mites, and dust permeating their mattress, but this can unfortunately happen over time. The fabric encasing springs is particularly susceptible to intruders, turning a once-cozy place to sleep into a less-than-hygienic atmosphere that can trigger irritation and cause illness. Due to the structure of latex, the material is naturally resistant to dust mites, mould, and allergens, providing a sleeping experience free of complications. This makes latex mattresses an especially good choice for those who have allergies or sensitivities to dust and mould.
Latex is also a better choice for air circulation than some synthetic materials, making sweat and bacteria less likely to build up inside after years of use.

More Bang for Your Buck

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In addition to being comfortable and safe, latex mattresses also boast excellent longevity. Mattresses can be quite an investment, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When you invest in latex, however, you can be sure your investment will last. Latex mattresses are among the most durable on the market, providing the kind of staying power you need to maximise your mattress spending.

The average latex mattress lasts around seven years, with higher end products lasting twelve or more. This is a big improvement over standard mattresses, many of which last closer to five years. Cheaper models may only be good for three years, requiring a continuous investment to guarantee good sleep. A longer-lasting mattress doesn’t need to be replaced as often, saving money in the long run.

Motion Isolation

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If you’re the kind of sleeper who wakes up whenever your partner moves, a latex mattress might be an ideal solution. Unlike basic spring mattresses that give away every toss or turn, latex mattresses are excellent for motion isolation. This means that when another person – or even a pet! – gets up, lies down, or flops around during the night, you’re much less likely to feel it. This is also true for synthetic memory foam mattresses, but these mattresses generally can’t offer the support latex can. For those who want to minimise aches and pains while reducing motion during the night, there’s no better choice than latex.

An Eco-Friendly Option

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With the ramifications of global warming clearer than ever, many individuals are making eco-friendly choices for their homes. Shoppers who prefer an environmentally-appropriate mattress choice will love latex. While synthetic versions of latex are available, most latex mattresses are all or mostly made of natural materials.

Despite public perceptions that equate latex with exclusively man made products, latex is actually an all-natural derivative of the Hevea brasiliensis, or the rubber tree. The sap produced by the tree is collected and compressed to create the latex foam used for this kind of mattress. Better yet, collection of sap doesn’t harm trees. The elastic nature of a latex mattress is due entirely to the natural structure of the material, providing a balance of elasticity and support unavailable virtually anywhere else. In addition, because latex is comprised of natural materials, any concerns about synthetic toxins in mattresses are significantly reduced.

Buying the right mattress can make all the difference, from reducing aches and pains to minimising wakefulness during the night. While all mattresses have their pros and cons, there’s a lot to love about latex. This natural and sustainable material is a great defense against mites, dust, and allergens, and boasts a longevity hard to rival on the market. For those who want softness and support in a model that promotes motion isolation, latex mattresses offer a lot to love. While some shoppers will still prefer traditional springs or the molding nature of memory foam, latex is a guaranteed winner for countless sleepers.

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