100% Pure and Natural Latex

Pure Trio Mattress

Our 100% natural, certified Pure Trio latex mattress is luxurious, customisable comfort. With three layers of latex equalling 200mm, a firmer or softer mattress is simply a flip away.


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Your mattress will be delivered free of charge to any address across the East Coast states. All orders received, and paid for in full, by 5pm on business days (Monday to Friday) will be dispatched from our factory the next business day (Monday to Friday).

Have complete peace of mind and take 6 months to sleep on it. With 6 different comfort combinations, it’s easy to find the perfect comfort level for you.

The Pure Trio mattress has a lifespan of up to three times longer than a traditional spring or foam mattress and is backed by a 21-year guarantee.


We use one of nature’s most pure resources; 100% natural latex, to create the Pure Trio mattress. Live healthier by starting with your mattress; after all you do spend one-third of your life in bed.

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Find your ultimate comfort in one natural mattress

Everyone is different, so why are most mattresses sold online a one-size-fits-all approach?

With three customisable pure and natural latex layers in a Pure Trio mattress, a softer or firmer feel is simply a flip away.

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Perfect balance of support and pressure relief

Feel weightless on this perfectly buoyant mattress and never experience that quicksand, sinking feeling again.

With seven orthopedically designed posture zones, your whole body will be aligned and supported so you wake feeling refreshed. It is the perfect mattress for all sleeping positions and body types. 

6-Month Trial

We believe that the customisable layers make the Pure Trio mattress the most appealing mattress on the market which is why we give you 6 months to trial all the different comfort combinations.

With 6 different comfort combinations, it’s easy to see why a 6-month trial period will give you the time to find the perfect comfort combination for you.

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Sustainable and Green

Our Pure Trio mattress contains only pure and natural premium latex sourced from the Hevea Braziliensis rubber tree.

Our latex is impurity-free and naturally hand-harvested from renewable, ecologically-balanced plantations.

This means there are no nasties – no adhesives, fillers, or flame retardants to provide your family the healthiest sleeping environment.

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Designed to enhance health and wellbeing

While we sleep, our body heals, rejuvenates and detoxifies. Sleep is cleansing, restorative, and gives you energy for the next day.

We believe that the natural materials we use in our Pure Trio mattress are key to a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

21 year Guarantee

The Pure Trio Mattress is built to last with a lifespan up to three times longer than a traditional spring or foam mattress.

Backed by 65 years of history through Latex Mattress Australia, you can have confidence in our 21 year guarantee.

Super Soft Removable Tencel Cover

Tencel is a fibre made from the wood pulp of sustainably grown Eucalyptus trees.

It is silky-smooth, antibacterial and has the ability to wick 50% more moisture than cotton.

Tencel also assists to regulate body temperature to help your body feel pleasantly cool for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Choose Your Comfort

The Pure Trio mattress is completely customisable to your comfort preference. Simply select your preferred comfort to see what layer configuration you need to give you a great night’s sleep.

Product Specifications

Each mattress contains 3 layers of pure and natural latex with an overall height, including the cover, of 230mm: 

1 x 50mm Soft Density Latex
1 x 75mm Medium Density Latex
1 x 75mm Firm Density Latex


Depth: 230mm
Length: 1880mm
Width: 910mm
Weight: 30kg

Long Single

Depth: 230mm
Length: 2030mm
Width: 910mm
Weight: 35kg

King Single

Depth: 230mm
Length: 2030mm
Width: 1070mm
Weight: 36kg


Depth: 230mm
Length: 1880mm
Width: 1370mm
Weight: 43kg


Depth: 230mm
Length: 2030mm
Width: 1530mm
Weight: 52kg


Depth: 230mm
Length: 2030mm
Width: 1830mm
Weight: 62kg

How does the Pure Trio Mattress Compare?

  Pure Trio Foam/Hybrid
Mattress in a Box
Latex Mattress
in a Box
  Certified 100% Natural
Certified 100% Natural Few
  Different Comfort Options
Adjustable Comfort Options Few FEW
  Removable & Washable Cover
Removable & Washable Cover Few FEW
  Australian Made & Owned
Australian Made & Owned Few Few
  Posture Zoned
Posture Zoned Few Few
  1 Year Risk Free Trial
6-Month Risk Free Trial
  Long Company History
Long Company History
  Showrooms – Try Before You Buy
Showrooms – Try Before You Buy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to your recipe card included in the delivery of your mattress to see how to rearrange your comfort layers. You can also find this on our Setting Up Your Mattress page. Call us on 1800 787 387 if you need further assistance.

Your Pure Trio mattress comes with a 6-month (180 days) sleep trial period. Check out our Terms and Conditions page for full details.

The mattress also comes with a 21 year pro-rata guaranteeFor full terms and conditions visit our Product Guarantees Page. 

Please visit one of the Latex Mattress Australia showrooms to see our Pure Trio mattress.

73 James Street, New Farm, Brisbane 4005
4 Barrinia Street, Springwood QLD 4127

New South Wales
515 Military Road, Mosman, Sydney NSW 2088

Further information and contact details can be found on our Contact Us page. 

Hints and Tips for Setting Up Your New Mattress

Thinking about buying our Pure Trio mattress but want to know how to make it work best for you?

Check out our Setting Up Your Mattress page that outlines steps to help you get the best night’s sleep from your Pure Trio.