100% Pure Latex Adjustable Pillow

Adjustable Height Latex Pillow

Complete your healthy sleep environment with a pure and natural latex pillow. Our adjustable, ergonomically-crafted, softly sculpted and supportive latex pillow is designed to cradle your neck to assist in a more restful night’s sleep.

The unique adjustable height design allows a back, side or stomach sleeper to achieve the ideal pillow height, perfectly contouring any posture and shoulder height.


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We offers a full 5 year guarantee which covers faulty workmanship and materials, from date of purchase for our pure and natural latex pillows.

Customisable Comfort

Our adjustable design comprises a removable insert to allow you to change the height of your pillow to suit your individual needs. Unzip the machine-washable cover and add or remove the pillow insert to align with your unique postural sleeping requirements and achieve the optimal support and comfort.

Natural ventilation and insulation

Sleep cool in summer. Pincore holes allow gentle flow of fresh air to circulate through the open-celled structure with each movement.

Free from polyurethanes, no heat is retained in the Pure Trio latex pillow.

100% memory retains shape and reduces pressure

The contour provides the ultimate neck support and alignment for both back and side sleepers, reducing pressure on muscles and ligaments.

Hypo-Allergenic and Non-Toxic

The 100% pure latex in our Pure Trio pillow is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers and is certified as safe and natural by the world-renowned authority on environmental and health related toxicity, ‘Eco Institut’.

Our latex is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, anti-microbial, dust-mite and bed-bug resistant and contaminant-free.

Contoured Design Promotes Open Airways

The Pure Trio latex pillow gives flexibility, resilience and the design supports the head and cradles the neck to promote open airways.

Choose the side most comfortable and supportive for you with a different thickness on each end of the pillow.

Product Specification

Pillow Height - Left Side: 120mm Pillow Height - Right Side: 100mm Insert Height - 20mm Length: 600mm Width: 380mm Weight: 1.7kg