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Our foldable wireless adjustable base is the perfect compliment to our Pure Trio mattress. Make your bedroom space your favourite sanctuary – read in bed, work or elevate your legs after a busy day. Features include Bluetooth app control, preset Zero Gravity and two preset memory positions.

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We offer a full 2 year guarantee which covers faulty workmanship and materials. We also offer a 5 year guarantee on electronics.

Reduce stress and relax

Quietly elevate your mattress into the perfect position, ease pressure on your lower back and drift off into a refreshing night’s sleep.

Turn Your Bed into a Living Space

Reading, watching tv and gaming have never been so easy.

Simply use the wireless remote to select the elevated head position to sit back and enjoy.

Zero Gravity Comfort

The Zero Gravity position closely simulates weightlessness by cradling the body and elevating the legs and head.

Lying flat can cause muscular and joint pain from uncomfortable pressure or sleeping positions. By positioning your Pure Trio adjustable bed base into the Zero G position you can relax sore muscles and take the pressure off your joints.

Foldable Design

This modern designed adjustable base has been built to provide all the benefits of a standard adjustable base in a foldable format.

It enables easier delivery, installation and packing up to move to a new house.

Adjustable Positions

Our Adjustable base features a Silent Drive actuator which delivers whisper quiet position changes.

It also features separate head and foot end adjustments for complete control of your sleeping and resting positions.

Support Healthy Living

Traditional flat sleeping positions can restrict breathing passages and block air from reaching vital organs.

The Pure Trio Adjustable Base can elevate your neck and head to open airways and reduce any blockages.

Product Specification


Height: Adjustable Legs
Length: 2030mm
Width: 1530mm
Weight: 62kg

Frequently Asked Questions

Each adjustable base comes with a wireless remote which controls your base elevation. Simply press up or down to find the perfect level for you. Call us on 1800 787 387 if you need further assistance.
Your Pure Trio adjustable base comes with  a full 2 year guarantee which covers faulty workmanship and materials. We also offer a 5 year guarantee on electronics. Please see our Product Guarantees page for more details.
Please visit one of the Latex Mattress Australia showrooms to see our Pure Trio adjustable base.
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New South Wales
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