So, you have ordered your Pure Trio Mattress…

what now?

You spend one-third of your life in bed, so switching to a new mattress is a big decision.

Our Pure Trio mattress is designed to improve your sleep but there are other factors to consider which ensure you have the best night’s sleep. These include using quality pillows and natural linen, good airflow throughout your room, and giving your body adequate time to adjust to a new mattress.

Our outstanding 6-Month Sleep Trial gives you the time you need to trial your Pure Trio mattress and during that time you might have some questions. Please read on for some pointers on how to set up your mattress and your bedroom to have the best night’s sleep. Please contact us if you have any other questions.

We have a range of FAQ’s that help you achieve the most out of your Pure Trio Mattress. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: 

Setting up your new mattress

Moving your Mattress:
Pure and natural latex is inherently weighty. Depending on the size, please have an extra person on hand to help move your Pure Trio mattress.

Take care when lifting to avoid personal injury and/or damage to the mattress. Please use two people to unpack your mattress and lay the mattress out on your base.

Unboxing your Mattress:
Simply slide the box off your mattress and place the mattress in the middle of your bed base. Use the mattress wrapper cutter enclosed, to cut the protective covering down the length of the mattress and your mattress will decompress. Remove the cotton protector and slide your mattress into place.

Tip: Use the mattress wrapper cutter to protect the mattress.

Shake, Shake, Shake:
Without glues between the comfort layers, in transit your layers may move slightly. It’s simply a matter of giving the corner of the mattress a gentle shake to move the layers back into alignment. It’s important not to pull the latex into position as the latex is fragile and may tear. Simply ‘shake it’ or ‘jump it’ into position. 

Handcrafted by Nature:
Your Pure Trio mattress is a natural and handmade product, so some slight variations may occur. We make all our Pure Trio mattresses to exact specifications, however, once unpacked, your mattress will relax and expand to proper dimensions.

Sleepy Time:
Our mattresses are made to order so they spend the least amount of time compressed. Therefore, once it arrives at your home, it should take a matter of moments to decompress and be ready to sleep on.

Rotating the Layers

A Pure Trio mattress comprises of three layers of latex, one soft, one medium and one firm, giving you the ability for complete comfort customisation in one mattress. All Pure Trio mattresses are sent with the layers in the following order: firm, medium and soft.

Remove the Cover:
To change the configuration of your mattress you will need to completely remove the top section of the cover. 

Roll Each Layer:
Each layer is marked with its density for easy identification. S for Soft, M for Medium and F for Firm. Completely roll each layer of latex lengthways. Carefully handle the latex as pulling the latex may cause tearing. Place each layer to the side of your mattress base.

Personalise Your Comfort Preference:
Use our Choose Your Comfort selector to identify which configuration will suit you. If you are a tummy or back sleeper or a heavier body type, sleep with the firm layer at the top for a ‘gentle firm’ feel. If you are a side or back sleeper and like a medium feel, sleep with the soft layer at the top for a ‘luxury medium’ feel.

Assemble Your Mattress:
Carefully handle the latex by shaking or jumping each layer into position, rather than pulling as this may tear the latex.

Firstly, line up the bottom layer with the inside of the bottom cover and unroll. Then select the second layer and repeat this process by lining up with the bottom layer. Repeat for the top layer and zip together the cover.

Remember it can take up to 30 days to adjust to your new configuration so give it time for your body to adjust. 

Step 2: Setting up your bed base

A suitable bed base is important:
A good foundation is key as a supportive base, supports your mattress and you. To fully realise the natural support and comfort characteristics of the Pure Trio mattress, your mattress needs to be properly supported.

Recommended Base 1: Timber Slate Bed Base
For slatted bases, ensure that the spacing between the slats is no wider than the width of the slats. For example, if a slat is 65mm thick, ensure that the space between the slats is no more than 65mm. Wider slats can be used, however spacing can not exceed 80mm. A centre support rail is a must for king-sized beds.

If you don’t have enough slats, visit your local hardware and they can measure and cut additional slats for you. We recommend taking an existing slat with you so they can get the exact measurements.

Recommended Base 2: Adjustable Bed Base
Latex is a perfect fit for an Adjustable Base as it flexes to the movement of the base while still supporting the mattress (and you).

We don’t recommend:
If your base flexes or sags, your new mattress will contour to it. Slat systems, box spring, posture slats, or foundations that flex or concave should be avoided and will void your guarantee as they don’t support your mattress and will impact your sleep and comfort requirements.

Step 3: Setting up your bedroom

What goes on your mattress:
Pure and natural latex is breathable, meaning it’s one of the coolest materials you can sleep on. The design of the Pure Trio mattress quilted cover has been crafted to ensure your sleep surface is cool and encourages airflow, as the Tencel cover wicks away moisture. What you add on top your mattress can impact the mattresses breathability including your mattress protector, sheets and covers.

Mattress Protector:
Unless it is essential, avoid non-breathable, waterproof mattress protectors with a plastic membrane. Although you can use them if you need to, non-breathable, waterproof mattress protectors reduce the benefits of sleeping on a latex mattress and inhibit airflow. Instead, opt to use a breathable Cotton or Tencel mattress protector.

Ensure that your sheets are not too thick or made of non-breathable synthetic fibres. We also strongly recommend switching to natural fibres such as Tencel, bamboo or natural cotton. 

Covers and Blankets:
Switch to a lightweight, natural fibre blanket or cover. Remove quilts filled with polyester content, down or feathers. Also, less is more when it comes to the amount of blankets and quilts you use.

Ensure your base allows for adequate airflow. Read Step 2: Setting up your base to ensure you have a supportive yet breathable base.

Having the right height pillows can improve the quality of your sleep by up to 30%. Investing in a Pure Trio Natural latex pillow should assist in achieving a great night’s sleep.

Check out our FAQ’s to help you achieve the most out of your Pure Trio Mattress. 

Frequently Asked Questions