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Left: Trixie Wilson (Pure Trio CEO) and Right: Nicolle Edwards (RizeUp CEO)

Trixie Wilson is the founder and director of Pure Trio. Trixie’s daughter, Jessica, and her two children were victims of domestic violence and fled with only the clothes on their backs.

On their journey from violence to safety, Trixie sought help from friends and strangers who donated an array of household goods to set up a home for her daughter and grandchildren.

This sparked a passion to provide practical support to all families fleeing domestic and family violence. Trixie’s mission is to ensure that these families have a comfortable and supportive mattress to sleep on. This is when Pure Trio mattresses was born.

A percentage of all Pure Trio mattresses made are donated to organisations that provide support for individuals and families leaving domestic and family violence. Pure Trio also offers anyone with an active Domestic Violence Order (DVO) 5% off any Pure Trio Mattress. Please mention this when talking to our team and we can apply the discount to your final invoice.

Proudly supporting:

For further information about RizeUp or to make a donation – visit www.rizeup.com.au

Jessica’s Story

My name is Jessica, and I am a survivor of domestic violence.

I endured seven years of abuse and suffering at the hands of my ex-husband. I am sharing my story to empower other women to find the strength to leave domestic violence.

My experience of domestic violence is the foundation for the cause that our team at Pure Trio are so passionate about. Living through emotional, mental and physical abuse has moulded me into the strong woman I am today. Despite my challenging journey, I am so grateful to be alive today to share my story, and to assist other women and children leaving domestic violence.

RizeUp’s programs reduce the likelihood that the families will return to the perpetrator due to financial hardship or lack of resources. This also reduces the likelihood of homelessness, provides a stable home environment, increases a sense of belonging and provides an anchor for recovery.

Pure Trio is proud to support RizeUp allowing this valuable work to continue for survivors of domestic and family violence.

A RizeUp Bedroom Transformation

Domestic Violence Prevention Month 

To help raise awareness of this cause, during May, Pure Trio is offering a Made by Mettle Gift Box with any Queen or King Size Mattress purchase. 

Mettle Women Inc. is a national gift delivery service employing women who are experiencing homelessness due to domestic and family violence. Mettle equip survivors of domestic and family violence with the skills, confidence, and financial security required to secure and maintain employment and in turn, safe and stable housing.

Domestic and family violence is the single largest driver of homelessness for women in Australia. The lack of safe and accessible employment and opportunities to establish financial independence can make it extremely difficult and dangerous to leave abusive environments. Mettle exists to provide these opportunities and prevent women from returning to homelessness or their abuser.

Starting Over Support – Donations in Western Australia

RizeUp currently supports families fleeing domestic and family violence across the East Coast. For donations in Western Australia we have partnered with Starting Over Support (SOS) who take our donated mattresses to fit out homes for families in need. For more information about their work please visit their website – https://www.peoplewhocare.org.au/ 

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