Signs your mattress needs replacing

7 Unmistakable Signs It’s Time to Go Mattress Shopping

Okay, let’s get real. Purchasing a new mattress can be an expensive venture. So much so that many people put off upgrading their mattresses for as long as possible. Unfortunately, this could be having a far-reaching impact on their health. From aching joints to lurking bugs, there are numerous reasons why changing your mattress is more important than you might think.

Like going to the dentist and getting your car serviced, keeping your mattress relatively fresh is one of those non-negotiable adult responsibilities. The good news is that, unlike the aforementioned examples (which both require your attention bi-annually), you only really need to look at your mattress every decade – even longer if you invest in a good quality pure latex mattress. So, while it may seem like a decent outlay in one hit, when you spread the cost out over the years it’s actually not too bad. Especially when you consider how much time you spend in bed!

Not sure if your mattress is at the end of its life or when to replace your mattress? Here are seven signs it’s time to go wave goodbye to your current mattress.

1. You can’t remember when you last changed it

If you have to count on two hands how long it’s been since you updated your mattress, it’s probably time to get yourself a new one. Unless you own a pure latex mattress which, with good care, will last up to 20 years, most mattresses will need to be replaced every eight to ten years.

2. It looks like something you might find in a thrift store

Ripped, stained and lumpy are not adjectives best used to describe a healthy mattress. It might be okay to let it slide if you’re spending one night at Aunt Mildred’s place, but if your everyday mattress has visible wear and tear, chances are it’s not doing you any favours to sleep on it every night. While a mattress topper and protector may provide a bit more of a barrier between you and who knows what, it’s still probably best to start hunting down a new one.

Torn mattress

3. It squeaks and creaks

When the mattress box springs begin to make noises when you move, it’s a fairly solid sign that they have been broken or worn out. This will inevitably affect the mattress’s support, shape and level of comfort. You may be able to prolong its life with a good quality mattress topper, but only if there are no noticeable changes to its shape.

4. You’re waking up tired

Sleep is so incredibly important for our health. After a while, waking up tired is going to start taking a toll on your energy. While there are numerous reasons behind why you might not be feeling restored each morning, one possibility might be your mattress.

5. You’ve got a saggy situation

No one likes a saggy bottom, especially not in a mattress. Whether the sag is visible, or it just feels like you’re sleeping in a hammock despite the mattress seeming to retain its shape, any divot is an indication that the resilience of the inner material has diminished. Over time, this could lead to pain in your back, neck or joints—that is, if you’re not already noticing aches and pains.

Back pain from uncomfortable mattress

6. You’re not comfortable

If you’re tossing and turning through the night trying to find a comfortable position or waking up achy, count it as a sign that the mattress you’re sleeping on isn’t right for you. The good news is, unless you’ve noticed signs of ageing, you may be able to address this without having to replace the mattress. A good quality mattress topper can revive an uncomfortable mattress by providing a better level of support and luxurious cushioning for greater comfort.

7. Your allergies and/or asthma are worsening

Allergies and asthma are exacerbated by dust mites. Unfortunately, these pesky little critters love setting up camp in your mattress. If you notice your allergies seem worse through the night or you’re waking up having fits of sneezes, it could be a sign that your mattress is harbouring more dust than you’d like. Latex is more resistant to dust mites than the average spring mattress, so keep that in mind when choosing your replacement.

If it sounds like it’s time to go mattress shopping and replace your mattress, explore our 100% natural Pure Trio Latex Mattress.

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